About Us

Welcome Susan and welcome back Diane! These two lovely ladies add laughter and sparkle to our office!  

We hope you find our dental  team friendly, caring and dedicated to providing you with personalized TLC.  Our goal is to maintain your comfort and health and help you have a beautiful smile. We understand that having dental work can be stressful and we aim to minimize any possible anxiety. At the front desk, Susan can give you estimates, and help you decipher your insurance coverage. We will bill your insurance company when allowed by your employer so that you only have to pay the amount they do not cover. In the back, Diane can tuck you in with a cozy blanket and give you a warm towel after treatment.  Your little one can snuggle with our singing bear while work is being done. If you have excessive anxiety, you may want to request oral sedation.  We want your experience to be a positive one as we help you to maintain your oral health and beautiful smile!